Big leaved tropical plants

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Pachypodium lamerei
Interesting succulent from Madagascar. Grows quite until you leave it in cool greenhouse for the winter where upon it will die. Needs to come into the house for the winter. Easy from seed.
Paulownia tomentosa
A lot of fun can be had with the foxglove tree. Cut it back to a stump each winter and watch it shoot up like a rocket in the spring. Hardy but prone to rust which kind of lets it down.
More about Paulownia tomentosa...
Philodendron selloum
Fast growing shade plant in a hot country. Slow growing over here. Space could probably be better used by something else.
Phoenix canariensis
The canary island date palm. Dirt cheap to buy and reasonably hardy. In about 30 years London will be full of massive CIDP's planted about one inch in front of peoples houses.
Phoenix dactylifera
Easy to grow from date stones but now what are you going to do with 36 incredibly slow growing plants.
Phoenix roebelinii
Not remotely hardy but worth growing if you have a conservatory for winter storage. Very attractive palm.
Phormium cookianum
Extremely drought tolerant plants with strap like leaves. Useful for awkward spots and lend themselves to the tropical look.

Phormium 'Platts black'
P is for Phormium

Phyllostachys nigra
The black bamboo. New stems are green for first couple of years. A naturally arching bamboo, drooping massively after rain and snow.
Phyllostachys bissettii
A green stemmed, attractive variety of bamboo.