Big leaved tropical plants

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Tropical garden design
Some ideas to ponder when considering going down the tropical garden path.
Growing canna
General information on canna plants with links to more in depth coverage of many canna related items.
Cold Hardy bananas
A discussion on growing banana plants so far from home.
Tropical foliage plants
A portal to a collection of some of the more obliging tropical plants. Links to the individual plants (Expect some lavish sub 100kb pictures)
Garden ponds
Pond related discussion with links to more specific subjects.
Garden compost
A general discussion on home composting with links to more in-depth examination of the subject.
  • Compost ingredients
  • What you can, can't and shouldn't compost.
  • Compost bin
  • Location, location, location, it's true about compost bins as well.
  • Leaf mould
  • A guide to creating your own weed free surface mulch.
  • My compost regime
  • How I make compost in the cool tropical garden, (illustrated of course.)
Flowering plants
Discussion and links to noteworthy flowering plants including:

Container gardening ideas
A discussion on container gardening with links to appropriate plants.
About me
Strangely enough, a little snippet about how I became involved in cool climate tropical gardening.

  • Hardiness zones
  • An explanation of the hardiness zone classification and a discussion of factors affecting a plants ability to put up with cold.

Tropical garden pictures
A portal of stunning photographs of the garden featured on this site. Details below: (All images less than 100kb)
  • Picture 1
  • Exotic planting surrounding a sun trap patio.
  • Picture 2
  • An alternative view of the sun trap patio.
  • Picture 3
  • An atmospheric picture of the garden at dusk.
  • Picture 4
  • Large Abyssinian Bananas feature in this picture.
  • Picture 5
  • Lush tropical foliage features in this picture.
  • Picture 6
  • Big leaves of the coco yam in a tropical border.
  • Picture 7
  • Another mouth-watering picture of tropical plants.
More tropical garden pictures
You will just have to click on them to find out. How intriguing...
Ensete Ventricosum
General discussion on the Abyssinian banana and a portal to more in-depth information on many aspects of growing this fine plant.
Ornamental grass
A portal to various useful grass and grass like plants. Including:
Exotic tree and shrubs
Discussion and links to useful plants for permanent planting in the garden. Including:
All plants A-Z
At a glance guide to successes and failures.

Greenhouse gardening
Advice on general greenhouse gardening with links to more specific topics. Such as:
  • Greenhouse equipment
  • A look at various pieces of equipment designed to make life (for your plants) easier.
  • Germinating seeds
  • A general discussion on germinating seeds with links to illustrated guides:
  • Plant seeds
  • Step by step guide about the business of planting seeds (illustrated).
  • Seedlings
  • An illustrated guide to pricking out.
  • Repotting
  • An illustrated guide to potting on.
  • Starting seeds
  • A seasonal guide to starting seeds.
  • Plant cuttings
  • An ilustrated guide to taking cuttings
  • The baggie method
  • An ilustrated guide to the baggie method for germinating seeds
Gardening techniques
A portal to some of the less glamorous elements of gardening.