Big leaved tropical plants

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Gardening techniques

The gardening techniques discussed here are rather dull but as with so many things, success lies in careful preparation. A basic knowledge of the following gardening techniques should help your garden to flourish:

  • Soil improvement - Hard work and pretty boring but essential for the cool tropical garden to flourish. How to get the best in and out of your garden soil.
  • The bog garden - out wit the trees in the garden by creating a swamp.
  • Watering - How much and how often?
  • Feeding your plants - Should you feed the soil or the plants?
  • Moving established plants - Techniques to help you successfully move established plants around the garden.
  • Pruning - Keeping order in the garden.
  • Pests and predators - How to tackle nature's spoil sports.
  • Tools.
Removing an un-wanted shrub
An un-wanted shrub bites the dust