Big leaved tropical plants

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Plant list S

The North American pitcher plants. An easy to grow group of insect eating plants for the container garden. (As long as you give them what they want.)
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A large group of plants amongst which lurk a few reasonably cold hardy succulents.
A group of hardy ground cover succulent rosettes for dry areas.
Solanum quitoense
An original looking plant. Nice fuzzy leaves but susceptible to the capsid bug. From seed
Stipa gigantea
The only thing gigantea about this mound forming grass are the flowers stalks which are fairly unspectacular. A no for this plant.
Strelitzia nicolae
A long term project from seed. A handsome foliage plant for the container garden. Greenhouse for the winter.
Strelitzia reginae
Another long term project. Eventually providing you with the Bird of paradise flower. Greenhouse for the winter also.
Strobilanthes Dyerianus
A beautiful foliage plant for light shade.
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Stroblianthes dyerianus
S is for Strobilanthes dyerianus