Big leaved tropical plants

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Matteuccia struthiopteris
The shuttlecock fern. All ferns help to contribute to the general tropical feel of a garden. This is particularly attractive when unfurling.
Melianthus major
The recommended practice is that this plant be cut back each year to produce a mound of fresh foliage. If it is left un-touched and the winter is not too severe, it will flower in late winter. Un-touched it also develops quite a stem giving it a bit of a primeval feel.
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Melianthus major with flowers
M is for Melianthus major

Mirabilis jalapa
Also called the four o' clock plant because theoretically the flowers open after this time. The flowers (small trumpets) actually open when ever they are in the shade. Self seeds and is root hardy with mulching.
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Miscanthus floridulus
My favourite grass to date. 3 metres of steaming jungle essence.
Miscanthus sinensis 'cosmopolitan'
Another attractive grass. Variegated but not as tall as Miscanthus floridulus.
Musa Sikkimensis
Cold hardy banana that can be developed into a large plant with winter protection.
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