Big leaved tropical plants

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Plant list A

Aeonium arboreum
Easy to grow and propagate. This plant is useful for container planting in sunny areas of the garden. No frost tolerance. Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'
A black version of Aeonium arboreum but slower growing.
Aeonium haworthii
A reasonably cold tolerant succulent. Has survived on a partially covered south facing window sill for several years.
Agave americana
Will survive planted in the ground but sufferers from rot on older leaves. Best grown as a container specimen and kept dry over winter. Vicious.
Agave attenuatta
Probably the most attractive and user friendly of Agaves. Needs greenhouse protection during winter.
Agave parryi
One of the hardiest of Agaves but useless outdoors in a wet winter. Vicious.
Agave vilmoriniana
Another relatively user friendly agave for container planting. Looses its blue sheen in the rain.
Aloe aristrata
Brilliant little plant, survives most winters unprotected in a well drained soil. Flowers and spreads.
Aloe dichotoma
Tree aloe for the container garden. Needs greenhouse protection in winter
Aloe ferox
Aloe marlothii
Aloe plicatilis
Slightly different appearance to this aloe with smooth leaves. Interesting container plant. Greenhouse for the winter.
Aloe ramosissima
Tree Aloe similar to Aloe dichotoma. Full sun plus winter protection.
Aloe saponaria
Grows successfully in the ground year round with the help of a rain guard during winter.
Aloe variegata
Another nice Aloe for the container garden. Always keen to flower in late winter in the greenhouse.
Alpinia zerumbet 'variegata'
Low and slow growing tropical foliage plant. A nice looking plant but is it worth the effort...?
A useful bunch of plants for coloured foliage, alternative flowers (tassels), that are cheap and easy to produce.
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Arenga engleri
Purchased a number of seedlings but I can't remember if the plants died and I threw them away or I got bored of them and threw them away. (And they say watching a cabbage grow is the epitome of boredom.)
Arum italicum Var. Pictum
Very nice hardy plant for winter interest. Grows all winter then disappears for the summer. Easy.
Arundo donax
Superb reed growing to 4m over a season. Great for a lax foliage curtain.
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Arundo donax var. versicolor
Undoubtedly attractive version but shorter version of the above, a bit of a primadona with a tendency to die overwinter.
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Aspidistra elaitor
A great foliage plant for the deepest shade.
Asplenium scolopendrium
The Harts tongue fern. Smooth glossy foliage. Can't have enough of these for shade under planting.
Astelia chathamica
Each plant purchased has fallen at the first hurdle. I wont be going back for more.