Big leaved tropical plants

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Sun Trap Patio

Sun trap patio looking south
Exotic tropical foliage

This sun trap patio is situated at the north end of the garden. It is the only part of the rear garden to receive sun during the winter. Equally the patio receives a lot of sun during the summer. As a result of this the planting around the patio is made up primarily with drought tolerant, exotic plants. The three pools are connected to each other.

The paving is a green slate. On dry days the slate takes on a silvery blue colour and compliments the similar colours of drought tolerant foliage. In the rain it turns a lovely slightly jade green. Another bonus of this slate is its heat storing properties. In the evening, after a nice hot day, the slate pumps heat out keeping you and the plants nice and warm. It also reflects well in the moonlight to the point of almost being able to read a book during the full moon.

The aquatic plants at each end of the pond are Thalia Dealbata.

The lilly in the central pool is a red variety but is rubbish. It has poor leaf production and when ever it flowers, foxes bite off the bloom (perhaps not entirely the fault of the plant).

The blue-green spiky plant to the right is a Beschorneria yuccoides. It was planted as a single small rosette five seasons before this picture was taken.

Behind the croc is a Melianthus major. This plant was grown from seed at about the same time as the Beschorneria yuccoides.

Flanking the Melianthus major to the left are seed grown Nerium oleander.

None of the plants surrounding the patio receive any supplemental watering except for a bamboo screen to the rear (not visible in this shot).