Big leaved tropical plants

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Tropical garden landscape

This picture shows the west facing tropical garden landscape. During the summer, this side of the garden receives sun (when there is any) from about 9:30 until between 6 and 7 pm.

Lush tropical lanscape created using exotic garden plants
Exotic garden plants

Travelling anti clockwise from the bottom we have the now familiar Beschorneria yuccoides, riddled with snail damage after a summer of relentless rain.

Next a group of Echium pininana growing where little else can. A trio of an old apple tree, an eucalyptus and a well established ivy suck the ground dry. These over hanging trees however offer a degree of protection to the echiums over winter.

The purple foliage next to them is a combination of Ricinus communis 'new Zealand purple' and canna indica purpurea. Next to them is an Ensete Ventricosum planted amidst a sea of canna Warscewiczii. The tall reed behind is Arundo donax. Various orange and red blooms dotted about are dahlia flowers.

Another clump of canna indica purpurea sits behind the red flowers of Mirabilis jalapa 'red glow' (four o'clock plant). The bananas are Musa Sikkimensis. They are also backed by miscanthus floridulus (not visible).

During the winter the Musa Sikkimensis are protected in situ. The Arundo donax and miscanthus floridulus turn brown and are cut to the ground in late winter.