Big leaved tropical plants

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How to plant seeds

This is a general method used for most seeds. There are links to more fuss pot seeds at the end of this section

Canna seeds in soak

The first step is to put your seeds in soak. Tropical plant seeds such as bananas, canna, gingers etc. will benefit from a 24 hour soak. Most other seeds can be soaked for as long as it takes to carry out the following steps.


Clean flower pots

Clean your flower pots. (New pots can be used as they are).


Boling water is poured over the compost

Pour boiling water onto the compost until the water runs out of the bottom of the pots. With this in mind, it is a good idea to do this on the sink draining board. Keep the kettle close to the compost to avoid forming craters. If you do create a crater, use a little more water to level out the surface.


A small watering can with a fine rose attached

When sterilizing seed trays, a small watering can with a fine rose is useful to prevent too much disturbance to the compost.


Seeds are pushed into the surface of the compost

Once the compost has cooled completely, push the seeds onto the compost and cover them. The rule of thumb here is to plant seeds about as deep as the seeds are round.

Small/tiny seeds are best left uncovered as they often require light to germinate. Make sure they are pushed firmly onto the compost to prevent them drying out.


Labelled pots sealed in clear plastic bags awaiting germination

Label the pots. Place them inside clear plastic freezer bags and seal the bags with elastic bands. This will prevent the compost from drying out.


Now it is a question of waiting. Some plant seeds germinate extremely fast, others take a bit longer.

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