Big leaved tropical plants

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Plant list C

Canna altensteinii
A good, tall, green, seed grown variety. Strong growing plant.
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Canna coccinea
warscewiczii is better in the same size category (medium)
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Canna flaccida
The slender leaves on this plant give it a slightly different feel than other canna so you can get away with having another canna variety.
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Canna indica purpurea
Dark foliage on a tall plant. Multiplies rapidly.
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Canna musifolia
I lost this plant to canna virus but have not felt a desperate need to replace it. A nice foliage plant all the same.
Canna paniculata
Pretty feeble grower. The only seed grown variety that has failed to flower in its first year from seed. Not a working plant but nice foliage.
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Canna warscewiczii
Reliable with good seed production makes this an essential plant for holding the whole garden together.
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Cardiocrinum giganteum
Nice foliage but prone to slugs when emerging, then lilly beetle after that. Flowers take years to develop and are all over in a few weeks. Too much work for the rewards.
Carica papaya
Performs well in a hot summer. Seedlings do not like cool greenhouse conditions. Worth having a go with every now and then for a bit of variety. Easily grown from shop bought papaya.
Carpobrotus edulis
Ground cover succulent that can take a degree or two of frost. Gets quite straggly in time but is easily regenerated from cuttings.
Celosia sp
Slug magnet.
Chamaedorea microspadix
A nice little under storey palm. Growth is perceptible in high shade. Tolerant of some neglect.
Chamaerops humilis
Attractive cold-tolerant suckering palm. Growth is acceptable and it gets on with the job.
Chlorophytum comosum
The spider plant. Surprisingly hardy (root). Easy to propagate from plantlets so you can try it in any number of positions to find out its best.
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Clematis armandii
Slightly overrated evergreen climber. Can be quite scruffy and fast growing. I wont replace mine when it's gone. (Did it jump or was it pushed?)
Clematis yunnanensis
An evergreen climber for the shade. Flowers Christmas/New year for some considerable time. A much more graceful plant, but also a touch rampant.
Colocasia esculenta
The cheapest and easiest ,grocery bought elephant ear plant (Arbi or Arvi).
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Colocasia esculenta var. antiqourum
Cheap to buy as tubers (eddoe) and easy to get into growth. Cocoyam are a better option.
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Cordyline australis
A nice relatively fast growing faux palm. Tolerates life in a pot, enjoys life when planted in the ground.
Cordyline indivisia
Grows well in a pot, dies in the ground.
Cordyline terminalis
Needs a tropical environment I fear.
Crassula ovata
The money tree, frost tender succulent useful for containers and temporary bedding.
Cuphea ignea
A great little plant that really does flower all season.
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Cyathea medularis
Black tree fern. Not terribly hardy but well worth the effort of pampering. Limped through the winter of 09/10, died after the 10/11 winter (UK).
Cycas revoluta
Does quite well in full sun, not so happy in winter shade. Fronds stay green if protected with fleece.
Cyperus alternifolius
A nice graceful plant for the pond or swamp pot.
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Cyperus involucratus
Similar to Cyperus alternifolius but not as nice.
Cyperus papyrus
This plant evokes a real sense of a tranquil oasis. Worth the effort. Grow from seed.
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Cyphomandra Betacea
Large veined leaves, worth growing every now and then.
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